Our Services

I Irvine & Associates customizes its services to suit you. Whether you wish us to execute the whole or only part of an assignment we are happy to help.

Our strengths lie in:

bullet_purple Planning

bullet_purple Analyzing and reviewing

bullet_purple Strategic marketing

bullet_purple Business development

bullet_purple Communication, and

bullet_purple Developing people


I Irvine & Associates can assist you at each step of the planning process from conceptualising and developing a plan to writing and promulgating it. We are familiar with facilitating the planning process and producing a broad range of planning documents including strategic, business, operational, marketing and communication plans. As well as facilitating the process we add value by providing additional insights from our own experience.

Analyzing and reviewing

Reviewing the effectiveness of organizations or operational areas need not be confronting or difficult. With expertise in conducting reviews of boards and committees of management, university units and committees, not for profit organizations and their business streams (including viability, activity based costing studies and business process re-engineering) I Irvine & Associates can provide the external analysis needed to enhance existing practices or drive change.

Strategic marketing

Not all organizations can afford to hire strategic marketers, yet often that skill is just what is needed. That’s where I Irvine & Associates comes in. Our track record of the successful marketing of organizations means we have the expertise you need to further promote your brand, enhance your reputation or raise the profile of your organization with business, the public, government or funding bodies.

Business development

Ensuring sustainability and ongoing viability are priorities for all organizations. I Irvine & associates can assist you, your Board, Committee of Management and senior managers to review your profitability, explore expansion opportunities and enhance your fundraising, partnering and relationship management arrangements.


The time or skill needed to write a winning proposal or engaging report is not always readily available within organisations, especially small ones. I Irvine & Associates can help here by drafting funding submissions, reports, proposals, media releases, speeches, brochures, advertisements and promotional pamphlets that expertly deliver your desired message.

Developing people

How often have you heard businesses say that “people are our most important resource” and “we owe our success to our people”. That being the case it is important to ensure your recruitment, retention, performance management and professional development programs, including coaching and mentoring, are as robust as possible. I Irvine & Associates is happy to review them and advise you on possible enhancements.